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A Love-Filled Workout


For some people, this past Valentine’s Day was the saddest of a reminder of being alone.

I am feeling loved this week because I devoted this past Valentine’s Day weekend to a good cause. After all, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about roses and chocolates: it can also be about doing whatever you love; be it for a person, place or fundraiser. For me it represented a day in a life of giving and cycling for Cycle For Survival.

More than 300 enthusiastic people, couples, cancer survivors and celebrities, including Seth Myers and MSG reporter Tina Cervasio cycled to raise more than $4.2 million to cure rare cancers.

In its fifth year, Cycle for Survival is an indoor team cycling fundraiser benefiting rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The event began as a grassroots fundraiser founded by MSKCC patient Jennifer Goodman Linn and her husband Dave has doubled in size each year, raising over $8 million to date.

I did not have anyone special to my Valentine’s this past Monday, but I believe I was exactly where I supposed to be.

So I write to you, Fitness Gal readers, as a proud sponsor of Cycle for Survival, and if I find my sweetheart for 2012, he will join me next year!

Keep it Moving, No Matter What.
Fitness Gal Has Moved!


Hello fans! The time has come for us to expand our horizons. We’ve moved to a new address…

At our new site, you can still find the great content you love here at, with a whole lot more DIVAness thrown in.

Check out our newly designed home page, our new contributors and our weekly contests.

Thank you for reading the past two years. Now come join us at DivaGalsDaily and live a Diva-licious life!

Weekend Edition

The DivaGals have been so much into sci-fi movies lately. And why not? They’ve always got a handsome hero, a girl fighter who kicks some serious butt, and a love story. The new movie I Am Number Four delivers on all three counts. Based on the children’s novel by Pittacus Lore, it follows John Smith, a teenager gifted with special powers to save himself, and possibly humanity. While we love Alex Pettyfer in the title role, it’s Timothy Olyphant who is majorly sexy as Henri, John’s protector. The Justified star can watch our back anytime! I Am Number Four opens nationwide Friday, Feb. 18.

SLIP. During Beauty Bar by The Daily, a luxurious day of pampering at Townhouse Spa in New York City, we discovered Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer, the newest and sheerest hosiery from Hanes. We tested them out on the last day of Fashion Week, wearing them to fashion presentations at Style 360 and several after-parties, and discovered they feel incredibly soft. But don’t take their sheer look as a sign that they’ll run as soon as you try to slip them on. New construction makes them sturdy like opaque tights, and we’ve been told that a hole won’t turn into a run. (Luckily, we didn’t get one during the night!) Hanes Silk Reflections comes in five shades and sizes and retail for $10. Looks like Aubrey O’Day loves ‘em too! Check for a retailer near you.

If champagne and a candy bar wasn’t enough to make the VIP launch party of the new Guess store on Fifth Avenue in the heart of midtown Manhattan a blast Thursday night, the incredibly handsome waitstaff definitely did the trick. Then there’s the 13,000 square foot, two-story space with all types of Guess essentials, including clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and of course, jeans. Here’s our sneak peek of the flagship store, and you can always score Guess apparel at

STYLE. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has come to close in New York City, and there’s plenty of clothes to see. Check out our galleries from Allegri and Herve Leger.

photo credit: Dreamworks, World Red Eye: Spencer Strayer, MTMedia NYC, Lainy Productions

Fashion Week Video:
Runways and G-Star Raw!

The DivaGals are keeping ourselves super busy working the runways at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Check out these great pics we got from the runways of Binetti, Max Azria, Prabal Gurung, Carlos Campos, Jill Stuart and more. Check out all our hot shots here, and don’t forget to like us!

And check out our video from the G-Star Raw show Saturday night. Tyson Beckford was there. Heavenly!

photo credit: MTMedia NYC

Five Food Myths Debunked

Eating can be a scary proposition. Yes, eat this, but don’t eat that – unless it’s paired with this at that time of day. Geez!

That’s why I’m here to solve your eating dilemmas. Here are five common food myths debunked and what to do instead, so you’ll know exactly what to reach for the next time you reach into the cupboard.

Myth #1: Nuts and avocado are fattening and should be avoided.

Truth: Foods like nuts and avocados consist of monounsaturated fats, which are the best ones for you. Monounsaturated fats that are known to lower cholesterol and these, along with polyunsaturated fats, should be the where the majority of the fat in your diet comes from. Nuts and avocados are also very high in vitamins and minerals.

What to Do: Have a handful of nuts or some avocado as a healthy snack as it will keep you full. Rule of thumb: Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (good fats!) come from vegetarian sources and saturated fats (not so good fats!) come from animal products such as cheese, meats, seafood and ice cream.

Myth #2: High protein, low-carb diets are a great way to lose weight.

Truth: While these types of diets may make you lose weight quickly, the weight that you will lose is water and lean muscle mass. Therefore, as soon as you go back to a normalized diet, you will gain the weight back.

What to do: When it comes to dieting, the safest and most effective way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet AND exercise. Remember: 3500 calories equals 1lb., so try to decrease your total calories by 500 a day to burn one pound a week (500 X 7 = 3500!). Eliminate 250 cals from your food intake, and add a 250-calorie burn from exercise.

Myth #3: Certain foods can burn fat.

Truth: The “negative calorie effect” (the act of chewing and digesting foods burns more calories than the food contains) is a farce! The calories that your body burns while chewing and during digestion are miniscule compared to the amount of calories in a given food, even if it is celery, cucumbers or citrus fruits (common foods on the erroneous negative calorie list).

What to Do: Eat these foods because they are good for you and you like them. Don’t think that you don’t have to exercise to maintain your weight, lose weight or be healthy!

Myth #4: Diet soft drinks are better than regular because they don’t count towards weight gain and caloric intake.

Truth: Several large studies have shown that people who drank diet soft drinks, even just one per day, did not lose weight and were significantly more likely to become overweight than people who drank regular soft drinks. Why? The mechanism is not completely known, but it’s the thought that the artificial sweeteners may muddle the brain chemistry and intensify the desire for sweets. The more fake (or real) sweet products you consume, the more you want!

What to Do: Of course, it is better not to have soft drinks at all, but if you get a hankering for one, try to stick to the mini cans of the real thing.

Myth #5: Eating in the evening/nighttime promotes weight gain.

Truth: No matter what time you eat, you gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn. The reason why it is said not to eat at nighttime is because people tend to eat an extra unnecessary meal or snack that is typically unhealthy. Do consider, however, when eating late night (post 10 p.m.), there will be a disturbance of the natural circadian rhythms of the body that can affect your sleep patterns.

What to do: If you are hungry at nighttime and you don’t think you have eaten your goal intake for the day, go ahead and eat! If it is an “extra” meal or snack, try to keep it light by eating fruits and/or veggies.

Fashionable Gadgets

DigiGal gets into the spirit of Fashion Week with gadgets that are so in style!

Did you watch Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl VII in 3-D? If you had an extra $5,000 to spend, you may have!

DigiGal here, to tell you about the newest, hottest gadgets and electronics off the red carpet and on the market. You can indeed watch 3-D television from home. Those un-glam glasses you wear in theaters are still required, but not for long. Toshiba already has a glasses-free 3-D set, but only offers a small 20-inch display.

Up in the air, travel like the jet set does: Go first class, keep on your over-sized shades, and slip on noise-cancelling headphones like these by Bose. They drown out the plane’s engines, the crying baby in row 22 and even pesky fans seated next to you. You’ll never hear a thing, other than your iTunes mix.

Want music following you wherever you go? You could wear your headphones 24/7 (um, not recommended!), or you could get the multi-room ZonePlayer system by Santa Barbara company Sonos. Plug in your iPod and play the music in any room of your house, without wires!

The rich and famous not only have their pictures taken, they also take photos themselves. Of course you want the best camera money can buy! If you missed the limited-edition Leica camera in Neiman-Marcus’s 2010 Holiday Catalog for $17,500, the Leica M9 Limited Edition Silver Chrome Set is available for the comparatively low price of $12,950. This is a digital camera, but every setting can be manually adjusted. Not only is it considered the best, most advanced camera in the word, but it is a gorgeous camera to look at! Better hurry, though. Only 50 cameras will be made!

Of course you want a mobile phone that stands out from the crowd of iPhones. Get your hands on the newly-revealed HTC Thunderbolt. It will run on 4G, the new, faster wireless system (think broadband for your phone). If you’re a gamer, you may want to check out Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play being announced this weekend. A phone and a Playstation that fits in your pocket! Want more bling for your ring? How about a 24 carat gold iPhone? Better yet, get one covered in diamonds! For a tablet computer, there’s more than the iPad. The Motorola Xoom premiered during the Super Bowl last weekend. It’s powered by Google’s Android system, the same as Droid cell phones. You may already have an iPad, but what are you carrying it in? A-Listers protect theirs with a couture iPad case, like these by Gucci, Prada and Chanel.

These days, technology is moving and improving so fast, that it’s only a matter of time before today’s cutting-edge gadget is tomorrow’s paperweight. Don’t worry, DigiGal will be here to keep you informed!

Next Week: Is your computer spying on you?

photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue, Leica

Lisa Ling Wants You to Think

Lisa Ling is out to showcase all aspects of life on her new investigative series Our America with Lisa Ling, airing tonight on OWN.

TV DivaGal and a few choice reporters sat down with the investigative journalist yesterday to find out how the new series, which explores facets of American life that are sometimes considered controversial topics, including transgendered people, sex offenders and gays who denounce their homosexuality for their faith.

“I’m really most proud of this work,” Lisa shared. “It provoked me to think about what it means to be an American.”

With such debatable topics, it would be easy for Lisa to take a definitive point of view. But that’s not her goal.

“I’m not going to tell you what to think,” she said. “I’m just here to provide you with an experience. It’s up to you to come to your own conclusion.”

In tonight’s first episode, Lisa visits with a faith healer who claims to cure incurable ailments. “I went in critically and skeptically,” she admits, “but I walked away feeling so moved.”

When’s the last time a TV show did that for you?

Catch the premiere of Our America with Lisa Ling Tuesday Feb. 15 at 10 p.m. on OWN.

Josh Keaton: Cutest
Valentine’s Day Ever!

Josh Keaton, former No Authority boy-bander turned voice-over expert, may have pulled off the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Josh relayed the story to me while I had lunch with him and his lovely wife, Elizabeth Melendez, at New York Italian eatery Serafina inside The Time Hotel.

“When we first started dating, I wanted to make her a five-course meal for Valentine’s Day,” he shared. “My friend is a chef, and he had planned to come over and help me.”

Of course, the best plans always go awry. Josh’s chef friend got caught up with a family matter that kept him from showing up.

“I was on a cell phone and if I moved too far to the left or right, I would lose the signal. So I’m trying to stay still, get coached by my friend over the phone and make the dinner on my own.”

Dinner was barely ready when Elizabeth showed up. “She called up from the parking garage, and I told her to give me five minutes, which turned into 15.” An hour later, Elizabeth was still in her car.

“She called up to me and asked if I was cooking something. I told her yes, how did she know? She said she could hear the stress in my voice, and then asked if she could come up and help.”

Somewhere between slicing the vegetables and mashing the potatoes, Josh knew he had met his soulmate.

“You could say I fell in love with her there,” he declared with a major grin.

So what present does Josh think would be the coolest from a gal today?

“Love coupons,” he exclaimed.

Awww, sweet and frugal!

Catch Josh voice a title role in the new Hub series Transformers: Prime airing Fridays at 6:30 p.m. EST on Hub. For more information visit,