Sherri Shepherd On Who Should
Be An Idol Host!

sshepherdwddressawardsmaureenmartin2Who does Sherri Shepherd want to be a judge on American Idol?

TV DivaGal caught up with The View co-host (who ranted her reasons why Howard Stern shouldn’t join Idol‘s judging panel line-up on The View‘s “Hot Topics” Tuesday morning) at Woman’s Day magazine’s 7th Annual Red Dress Awards. Sherri gave us the scoop on who she’d like to see in the judge’s chair when Simon Cowell leaves Idol at the end of this season.

“I want to see somebody with a musical background experience. I would love to see anybody from the Black Eyed Peas, I’d love to see Jamie Foxx, I’d love to see LL Cool J,” she shared. “Somebody with a musical background who has the abruptness of Simon Cowell.”

Even if Howard does join Idol, the series won’t lose Sherri as a viewer.

“I would watch Howard Stern, he’s entertaining, but he destroys the legitimacy on American Idol, plus he would probably have a midget and a porn star on there singing,” she joked.

Only if they got the voice for it, Sherri!

Sherri Shepherd On Who Should
Be An Idol Host!

  1. Caleb Green says:

    Fergie is still the hottest member and probably the most talented member of Black Eyed Peas..;-

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